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Teacher:  Andrew Ingkavet

I have been teaching music ever since I was a teenager and have been composing music for films, theater and commercials for the past 20 years. I studied music at New York University first as a double major of Performance and Education and then finishing in the Music, Business & Technology program. I play several instruments including guitar, piano, voice, saxophone, harmonica, bass, dobro, and just about anything else I can find.

Over the years I’ve also studied at Mannes College of Music and the Juilliard School of Music. You can hear/see some of my award-winning music for films at my personal website. And here’s a royalty free music licensing company I founded. I also was a VJ for MTV-Asia ages ago and now MTV doesn’t even play music!


Andrew Ingkavet’s music at Amazon

Andrew created an iPad multimedia book/app called Play Piano For Kids!  Here’s the website for it  And here’s a site I created about the box drum, also called cajón.

is his first song (when he was 5) available on iTunes, Amazon and other stores online.

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Send me an email or call 347-788-0101.

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