Question: Is there a certain curriculum or method that you follow?
Answer: It is a combination of methods including Suzuki, Dalcroze, Kodaly and the Musicolor Method.
Do you only teach children?
I am specializing in only teaching children. I feel that I have found a niche that I enjoy, am very good at, and have a unique way of communicating and developing a curriculum that is more effective than any others I have found out there.
At what age should my child start private music lessons?
Usually around 3 or 4 years old depending on the child. If he/she knows their ABCs (can correctly order the letters up to G) and shows an interest in music, we can try it out. You can read a full article about this here.
What is the goal of early music lessons for say a 3 or 4 year old?
With any beginning student, I am connecting them to sounds that they create in their bodies and with their instruments. These sounds are then connected the “alphabet of music” (the names of the notes) and then connected to where those notes reside on their instrument(s). Then we connect them to how those notes are represented in written form. I use a combination of techniques with the youngest children to bridge the gap between knowing the note names and standard musical notation including colors, boxes, flash cards, movement and vocal games.
Do you teach intermediate or advanced students?
I will accept intermediate and advanced students after a short interview via phone. I will also teach songwriting and music production techniques in LogicPro, LogicExpress and GarageBand as well as film scoring techniques.
Why are the lessons half an hour and not one hour?
Unless you are an advanced student or a professional, 30 minutes is plenty of time to cover a lot of material. The younger the student, the shorter the lessons can be as their attention spans are shorter. For my pre-school students, I need to do a lot of switching up of activities, moving from keyboard to xylophone or just to writing and drawing exercises to change it up.
What is the derivation of your last name?
Ingkavet is a Thai last name. My father is Thai-Chinese from Bangkok and my mother Korean. I’m pan-Asian, American – born in Brooklyn and global in soul.

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