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10 Tips For Parents To Help Their Children Learn Music

By on Feb 2, 2009 in Blog, Teaching Methods | 0 comments

Many parents have expressed their frustration at getting their child to practice their musical instrument.  Here’s some tips to help. Re-frame the notion of practice from chore to a fun activity or even a reward.  Don’t force them to practice, it will only drive them away from it. Place the piano in a central part of the home.  If a guitar, put it on a...

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At What Age To Start Music Lessons?

By on Jan 28, 2009 in Blog, Teaching Methods | 0 comments

As a teacher of music, this is a common question I hear.  Every child is unique and while there is no one right answer, I can offer a few guidelines. ABCs One of the first “games” I play with my younger students is to have them order the letters of the alphabet.  This is a chance for them to show off their knowledge, build confidence and break the ice with their new...

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The Goal of Beginning Music Lessons

By on Jan 10, 2009 in Blog, Teaching Methods | 2 comments

My goal with my beginning music students is to Ignite the passion, fun and excitement of music within Introduce the names of the notes Connect those notes to their location on their instrument Connect those notes to standard written notation Through achievements, build their sense of self confidence and self worth. Have fun To go through these steps, I have a...

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