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Music Recital, June 13, 1pm at Park Slope Public Library

Music Recital, June 13, 1pm at Park Slope Public Library

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We’re celebrating all the hard work, fun and music we’ve experienced this year.  Come join us at the Music Recital on Saturday, June 13 at 1pm in the community room downstairs at the Park Slope branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. I expect that 10 or so of my students will be performing but all my students, family and friends are encouraged and welcome...

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Study shows link between music & brain plasticity

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A recent research study on the linkage between the arts and brain development shows that students of music have definite structural changes in happening in students who practice as little as 15 minutes a day. So, I’m not making this all up!  It’s really true. From the Baltimore Sun article: Charles Limb, a Johns Hopkins doctor and a jazz musician,...

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This Is Why I Teach Music

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This is a wonderful piece that has been published many times.  It reflects how I feel about teaching and the wonderful teachers I have had in my life. That Is Why We Teach Music Not because we expect you to major in music Not because we expect you to play or sing all your life Not so you can relax Not so you can have fun BUT so you will be human so you will...

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A First Lesson for Piano – Video Clip

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If you are currently taking lessons with me, you will know this as the Peanut Butter Sandwich or the Mississippi Hot Dog. It’s a great first lesson for anyone studying the piano, regardless of age, as it builds finger strength, independence and gets your hands in the proper position.  So much of music is based on muscle memory.  So you may as well get it right...

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Essential Reading for Parents of Music Students

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Talent is not inherited. The first month in a nightingale’s life determines its fate…I had always thought that a nightingale’s incomparable song was instinctive or inherited. But it is not so. Nightingales to be used as pets are taken as fledglings from nest of wild birds in the spring. As soon as they lose their fear and accept food, a “master bird” is borrowed that daily sings its lovely song, and the infant bird listens for a period of a about a month. In this way the little wild bird is trained by the master bird…It is not a matter of being born a good singer or a bad singer…the life force has a wonderful power to adapt to environment.

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