Music Lessons for Kids 4 years old and up in Park Slope, Brooklyn


My 8 year old daughter has been taking guitar lessons from Andrew for over a year and a half. She loves the lessons (says they’re the fastest 30 minutes of her week!) and is steadily growing in musical ability and appreciation. Andrew has a special gift for finding the best ways for your child to learn and stay motivated. I highly recommend him for any budding musician. – JM

My daughter and I both love Andrew. He is a profoundly talented musician and shows a real understanding of the challenges that young musicians face. What impresses and pleases me most, though, is how patient and calm he is with my daughter. – DB
My 6 year old son has been taking voice and piano with Andrew, and it has been a wonderful learning experience. Andrew is calm and relaxed. My child comes home from lessons eager to practice, and excited to tell me what he has learned. I can recommend Andrew with confidence to anyone looking to start their child on the journey of musical knowledge, and all the lifelong joy that can bring. – LC

Andrew Ingkavet, composer and parkslope dad, has a wonderful way with children. He is teaching my son piano and my son comes home enthusiastic. I studied guitar with him a while back and it was wonderful. When working with kids, Andrew knows the importance of a sticker 😉 He also teaches voice and guitar. Do you recommend? Highly recommend. – NC

You have such a great way of combining music that is fun for her with work that is technically challenging. As a teacher, I really appreciate how much thought you put into how to reach the kids–you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve, and it’s really fun to watch it in action. – EE

Andrew makes learning FUN for a fidgety 5 year old boy. he can quickly change course during a lesson to keep attention span, and offers plenty of positive feedback. – JK

Possibly the best piano teacher ever. – Stella, 6 years old

Andrew is not only teaching my daughter how to play piano, he is encouraging her to think of herself as a musician and to think of music as a integral part of her life. It is an overall wonderful experience! – KM

Andrew is able to keep up the pace of teaching with the rapidly changing attention span of a young kid, making a fun, spontaneous game out of learning. – KS

Andrew managed to make my 5 year old son who is a complete newbie at music play real songs with chords using both hands in less than 3 months! It blows my mind. – AP

Andrew really works with the student according to her ability and interest. Meanwhile he still pushes the student. Recitals are awesome. – Anonymous


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