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Does your child love music? Wish you could sign them up for music lessons but afraid they’ll be turned off forever due to the boring, complicated lessons you had as a child?

Or maybe you heard that you need to wait until your kids are old enough to take lessons?

Traditional teaching methods are terrible. They make so many people feel dumb and untalented just because they couldn’t understand the bad teaching.  It’s not the student’s fault – it’s the teacher! This is so sad because so many people have been turned off from music forever feeling like they did something wrong.

Music is a universal gift!  And it’s been proven to improve brain development in kids to the tune of one entire academic year. That’s like skipping a whole grade by taking music lessons!

But how is it possible to teach in a way that everyone understands regardless of age or ability?

We use color to do this in a way that’s simple, intuitive and direct.

Kids learn a song in the first 5 minutes of their first lesson. And they feel fantastic! What a boost of confidence!

This method is called the Musicolor Method and it has been proven all over the world. Want to see it in action?  Click the Get Started button to book a call. We’ll match a teacher with your child to come to your home for two trial lessons. We’re certain you’ll see and hear magical results and want to continue.


We begin with children as young as 3 and 4 years old, grounding them in the basics of keyboard skills, music theory, harmony, solfége, rhythm and reading music. The instruments range from piano/keyboard to guitar, ukulele, strumstick, dulcimer, recorder and basic percussion.

The school is owned and operated by Andrew Ingkavet, who has created a unique way of teaching young pre-literate students called the Musicolor Method®. He is now training music teachers all over the world in a comprehensive training program.


We created a student-centered curriculum for music:

We created a new way to teach kids music. It’s called the Musicolor Method®. By using color as educational scaffolding, we can teach a first song in two minutes. It builds instant confidence and allows our students to practice on their own without a lot of extra help from parents.


  • We label fingers, keys and “sheet music.”
  • Finger exercises disguised as songs.
  • New patterns weekly build technique
  • Instant boosts of confidence
  • Chords follow
  • Notation moves through 6 phases
  • Phased learning of traditional music notation
  • Skills transferrable to school, work, social/emotional


  • Piano

  • Voice

  • Guitar

  • Bass

  • Ukulele

  • Violin

  • Cello

  • Flute

  • Clarinet

  • Drums

  • Percussion

  • Songwriting


If you’re child has already had lessons, we can work with them as well. All of our teachers are trained educators, artists and performer with full background checks.

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We recommend all children start with at least 6 months of piano/keyboard. Because it is physically easier to produce sound, and is visually logically laid out, it builds a foundation quickly and makes comprehension faster. This makes transferring to ANY other instrument much quicker, enjoyable and understandable.


  • 5 star review  My daughter started studying first piano and then guitar with Andrew when she was six. Andrew does a fantastic job engaging kids, pushing them to advance while keeping the experience fun. The color coded finger system is very accessible to them, and the progress is fantastic. When over the years it became clear that classical music wasn’t my daughter’s ‘thing’ Andrew went above and beyond to find pop songs that she would like and adapted them to her level on the piano. The recitals always gave her such sense of achievement of having mastered her songs – and in front of an audience. We have since moved away, and when the music teacher at her new school school asked her to bring in some examples of what she played, the teacher apparently exclaimed: “Wow, who is your piano teacher?”. I would also like to recommend Andrew’s IBook “Play Piano for Kids”. It is an awesome introduction to the piano that my kids have loved.

    thumb Julie Schwetlick
    January 16, 2017

    5 star review  Andrew taught piano and then guitar to both my son and daughter, and he was great with both of them — energetic, attentive and patient. He’s got a good sense of humor and communicates a love of music, and he struck a good balance between finding things they enjoyed doing and making sure they were learning and progressing. He’s easy to deal with and communicative with parents; I appreciated his emails with links to articles or practice tips, and his efforts to create community among his students through recitals or the occasional musical get-together. Highly recommended.

    thumb Chris Erikson
    October 23, 2017

    5 star review  Andrew is truly a very inspired and inspiring teacher. His system works, it is beautiful and it is effective. Thanks to his guidance, kids not only enjoy learning how to play an instrument; they also achieve a sense of accomplishment and joy in doing so. I recommend Park Slope Music Lessons wholeheartedly.

    thumb Maria Barrera-Agarwal
    December 18, 2017
  • 5 star review  Last April 2016, my daughter 6 yo started taking for her first time piano lessons and by June she was able to participate in a performance singing and playing two songs with two hands. I don’t have too much musical skills but i know when a method is effective so I was very happy to witness this. We love Andrew and his way of teaching. He is engaging, funny and understands kids mind. This last September I signed up also my son, 9 yo, and he is happily learning guitar!

    thumb Natalia R Tunon
    October 31, 2016

    5 star review  My son studied piano and voice with Andrew for several years, and loved it. He learned a lot from an excellent teacher, and still uses his skills today. Thanks Andrew!

    thumb Laura Cooley
    November 11, 2016

    positive review  My daughter has been learning piano at Park Slope Music Lessons since she was only 3. She’s still just 4 and has already played in three different recitals! Their method is wonderful for young children and gets them playing songs right away. Our teacher Frannie has been great. I would highly recommend them for music instruction for young children!

    thumb Mike Seaton
    February 4, 2019



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