Here are some local neighborhood resources we recommend.

Piano Tuning & Repair

Floating Piano Factory – Eathan Janney and his crew have provided tuning and technical services for us for years.

Orpheus Piano Company – led by Isaac Wynn who used to be with Floating Piano Factory.  Isaac has also got a crew of other technicians too.





Joe Wiencek – Joe provided some greatly needed parts and replacement for the action in a spinet piano.  Phone: 551-358-4006


Where To Buy Acoustic Pianos and Keyboards

BigWrench Piano Co – Brian Whiton has been running a piano store in Brooklyn since 2002 and has recently relocated to the corner of Hoyt and Degraw.  He’s got a bunch of pianos which he sources, rebuilds and then sells at a great price.  I saw and played a bunch of nice Steinways, Yamahas and even some reconditioned Wurlitzer and Rhodes.   He’s an official Yamaha keyboard dealer and is offering great starter packages with the option of full credit for trade-up to acoustic piano in the future.

Mention Park Slope Music Lessons for special pricing when you visit or call 718-599-9434

Also now sells a fine line of acoustic and electric guitars.

Big Wrench Piano Co










Guitar Center at the Atlantic Mall has some digital keyboards but it’s hit or miss with their staff.

Amazon has great prices if you know exactly what you want.  Check our instruments for kids page for links and recommendations.


Strings, Picks, Stands and Accessories

Amazon has pretty much everything in this.

Guitar Center

Musician’s General Store on Smith Street

Instrument Rentals: Violin, Cello, Strings

Strings and Other Things
Upper west side

David Gage
near Chinatown

Johnson String Company – online and will send you the instrument

Other Neighborhood Music Teachers

Singing/Acting/Piano lessons in Park Slope for Adults and kids. Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Musical Theatre.