[box] “My son studied piano and voice with Andrew for several years, and loved it. He learned a lot from an excellent teacher, and still uses his skills today. Thanks Andrew!” – Laura Cooley, Park Slope Parent[/box]

My name is Andrew and I’m a Park Slope parent like yourself.

The thing is, most parents, myself included, are not looking to make our children professional musicians, or concert pianists.  Sure, it would be fine if that happened.  But what we really want is to engage our children in an activity that is fun, builds confidence and gives them transferrable skills for success in life.

Music should be a part of every child’s life and education.

I created a music method because there was nothing that addressed the needs of my audience.  The Musicolor Method® is unique because it is:

  1. Student-centered
  2. Intuitive & simple to learn even for pre-literate children
  3. Fun!


The key to our success is the student and family support.  We individualize lessons to match the student’s interests.




All of our teachers are trained, background-checked and play professionally.   But most importantly, we care.  We make a commitment to the growth and well-being of your child.


[box] My daughter started studying first piano and then guitar with Andrew when she was six. Andrew does a fantastic job engaging kids, pushing them to advance while keeping the experience fun. The color coded finger system is very accessible to them, and the progress is fantastic. – Julie Schwetlick[/box]